Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tona Tuni's latest venture with children


A new edition of children's books by Tona Tuni is like a fresh ray of sunlight for the tiny book lovers adding fresh joy to their innocent dreams tumbling by. Tona Tuni came up with two editions for little children, namely Esho Gunte Shikhi and Choray Bornomala at the Ekushey Book Fair this year.

Each of these books, accompanied with a VCD, is filled with colours and also substances from our culture to make a child capable of relating to what he/she learns. Chhoray Bornomala is a descriptive illustration of all the letters in the Bangla language. Each of these letters has been done in different colours with a chhora (a rhyme) to make the learning more simple and fun for the child.

Esho Gunte Shikhi is a number book, where children can learn the numerals in the Bangla language. They are also taught how to count and add.

Both the books come with video CDs, which upon watching and listening to, a child will be able to develop not only number and writing skills but also sense of recognition of the surroundings, names of birds, fruits, animals and many other elements of the Bangladeshi culture.

Some of the rhymes, where animals and fishes have been made to talk, are good effort to expand the imaginative intuition of a child. Funny quips like a fussy old woman and a new bride dressed in red carrying water have also been used to depict the village scenes.

Tona Tuni has been educating children for generations now. Many households in the country have made Tona Tuni a part of their family not only as bedtime stories but also as effective means to educate their children.

The cover jacket of the book
Sat. March 06, 2004

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